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complete the sentences. Use present simple form of the verbs.

1) You should read more, Jane. You watch too much TV

2) My uncle lives in that house over there.

3) Do you like listening to CDs?

4) Alex and Serah play computer games every weekend.

5) My father doesn’t like the same music as me.

6) Our teacher hardly ever gives us a lot of homework

7) Does your mother work on Saturdays?

Yes, she does

8) Are they writing a lot of emails?

No, they aren’t

9) I don’t get up early at the weekends

2) Vocabulary

Put the letters in order to find nine more school subjects.

1) usMci- Music

2) marDa- Drama

3) sthMa- Maths

4) shinglE- English

5) niesSec- Science

6) ortHiys- History

7) rnecFh- Franch

8) agGyehorp — Geography

9) logonyTch- Technology

10) yesCmtrih — Chemistry

3) Complete the sentences. Use the present simple or present continuous form of the verbs.

1) Annie often plays football, but now she’s playing computer games.

2) My mom usually works in London, but this week she is working in New York

3) I am reading a magazine at the moment. It’s strange, because I usually do not read magazine.

4) We don’t watch television very often, but we are watching an interesting program at the moment.

5) does your friend always swim in the sea?

no not always they are swimming in the pool today.

6) Karens not in her room. Is she helping dad in the kitchen?

no, she isn’t. She’s having a shower.


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