Chrisma’s in different countries


In the couple of weeks leading up to Christmas, children put one of their shoes by the fire on the Saturday nights before bed, filled with carrots, treats, poems or drawings for ‘Sinterklaas’ and his horse in the hope that they’ll wake up to little gifts in their shoe in return.

A few days before December 5th, people flock to the closest port to welcome Sinterklaas and his ‘Petes’ as he arrives on his boat from Spain! The big man and his Petes then hand out sweets to those who came to greet him. December 5th is essentially the Christmas Day of the Netherlands, when families all eat together and open presents that arrive on the doorstep in a sack of potatoes.

On New Year’s Day, the Dutch like to take part in the New Year Dive where thousands of people from the Netherlands take to the ice cold sea and lakes wearing orange hats.


Christmas crackers are filled with jokes, small toys or silly gifts, as well as a coloured paper hat that everyone wears for dinner. It’s not a British Christmas without watching the Royal’s Christmas Day speech on TV, which is normally scheduled just after lunchtime.

On Boxing Day, some households like to cook Bubble and squeak, a meal that consists of all of the leftovers from the Christmas Dinner the day before. It’s made from brussels sprouts, roast potatoes, parsnips and more, all thrown in the pan and mashed together to eat for an early lunch.

English test

a) Complete the dialogue with the past simple form of to be.

A. You weren’t at school yesterday afternoon. Where were you?

B. I was at home. There was a football match on television.

A. Was It a good match?

B. No it wasn’t! All the players were awful!

b) Complete the sentences. Use the past simple form of the verbs.

1. In 1950 there were (be) 199,854 people at the World Cup Final between Brazil and Uruguay in Rio de Janeiro. They saw (See) a great match — but Brazil didn’t (not win)

2. The Swedish athlete Oskar Gomar Swann became (become) famous when he won (win) a silver medal in shooting at the Olympic Games in Antwerp in 1920. He was (be) 72 years old.

3. At the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles, Carl Lewis won (win) four gold medals.

4. In the first round of the long jump, Lewis jumped (jump) 8.54 meters. After that, he stopped (stop). ‘Nobody can beat me; he said (say).

5.I went (go) to the cinema last night but I didn’t (not enjoy) the film very much.

6. A: What did James say (say) to you yesterday

B: He didn’t (not say) anything!

7. A: Did you see (see) Alice, last night?

B: No, I didn’t see (not see) Alice, but I saw (see) Jenny.

8.A: Where did you go (go) last summer?

B: We. went (go) to New Youk. But we didn’t go (not go) up the Empire State Building.

a. Complete the sentences with words in the box.

Up down out on off

1. Let’s go out tonight. I don’t want to stay at home.

2. Leo, look at all your books on the floor! Pick them up please.

3. This bag is very heavy. I’m going to put it down for a minute.

4.It’s cold today. You should put on a warm coat.

It’s hot in here. I’m going to take my jumper off

b. Fill in the puzzle with names of sports. what is the mystery word?

1. snowboarding

2. volleyball

3. Cycling

4. Swimming


5. Skiing

6. Hockey

7. Surfing

Hidden word — Olympics

My hero

My hero is an Armenian soldier, who fights for us day and night. We have lost a lot of soldiers because of the war, it’s not easy being a soldier, whenever we go to school, play, have fun, laugh, soldiers are fighting for our country Whenever we get a little cut on our finger, we start panicking, but when our soldiers get hurt, have a big scare on their body’s they don’t react they continue fighting just for us to keep us safe. They risk their own life only for us.

Also, my mom is my hero too. She is very important in my life. Her name is Nayiri. She is very kind and helpful. I love spending time with her, whenever I see her sad, I try to cheer her up by doing funny things to make her smile. when I see my mom smile, I smile too. I discuss everything with her, share my secrets will do anything to become like my mom when I’m older, as she is my hero

Check your progress

complete the sentences. Use present simple form of the verbs.

1) You should read more, Jane. You watch too much TV

2) My uncle lives in that house over there.

3) Do you like listening to CDs?

4) Alex and Serah play computer games every weekend.

5) My father doesn’t like the same music as me.

6) Our teacher hardly ever gives us a lot of homework

7) Does your mother work on Saturdays?

Yes, she does

8) Are they writing a lot of emails?

No, they aren’t

9) I don’t get up early at the weekends

2) Vocabulary

Put the letters in order to find nine more school subjects.

1) usMci- Music

2) marDa- Drama

3) sthMa- Maths

4) shinglE- English

5) niesSec- Science

6) ortHiys- History

7) rnecFh- Franch

8) agGyehorp — Geography

9) logonyTch- Technology

10) yesCmtrih — Chemistry

3) Complete the sentences. Use the present simple or present continuous form of the verbs.

1) Annie often plays football, but now she’s playing computer games.

2) My mom usually works in London, but this week she is working in New York

3) I am reading a magazine at the moment. It’s strange, because I usually do not read magazine.

4) We don’t watch television very often, but we are watching an interesting program at the moment.

5) does your friend always swim in the sea?

no not always they are swimming in the pool today.

6) Karens not in her room. Is she helping dad in the kitchen?

no, she isn’t. She’s having a shower.

Our school clubs

Hello, my name is Adrina, I’m a student in smkh school. I’m 12 years old and in year 7. During the school day I study subjects like, geometry, algebra, physics, chemistry, history, geography, biology․ I also study languages like English and Russian. I can also study languages like (French, Georgian, Spanish, Persian, Italian, Turkish and Chinese) Its part of my school clubs I can choose one and learn. I can also choose (carpet weaving, needlework, media technology, Digital painting, animation, fine art, design, modeling, pottery, sculpture, goldsmith, choir, woodworking, winemaking, acting, and more. My favorite club is the Pottery club I make pottery plates and cups but I’m still learning. We have sports, so many sports like, football, basketball, volleyball, հandball, table tennis, gymnastics, judo, fencing, archery. I love my school and my friends and teachers.


When Torn Howard was seventeen years old he was as tall as his father, so he
began to borrow Mr. Howard’s clothes when he wanted to go out with his
friends in the evening.
Mr. Howard did not like this, and he always got very angry when he found
his son wearing any of his things.
One evening when Tom came downstairs to go out, his father stopped him
in the hall. He looked at Tom’s clothes very carefully.
Then he said angrily, ‘Isn’t that one of my ties, Tom?’
‘Yes, Father, it is,’ answered Tom.
‘And that shirt’s mine too, isn’t it?’ his father continued.
‘Yes, that’s yours too,’ answered Tom.
‘And you’re wearing my belt!’ said Mr. Howard.
‘Yes, I am, Father,’ answered Tom. ‘You don’t want your trousers to fall
down, do you?’
A. Answer these questions.

  1. When did Tom begin to borrow his father’s clothes? When he was seventeen years old
  2. When did he put them on? when he went out with his friends at the evening
  3. What did Tom’s father do when he borrowed his clothes? He didn’t like it and got very angry
  4. Which of his father’s clothes was Tom wearing in this story? His ties, shirt, trousers and his belt.
    B. Opposites. Write these sentences. Put one word in each empty place.
  5. Tom was not a short boy. He was a tall boy.
  6. Mr. Howard was not happy when Tom borrowed his clothes: he was angry.
  7. Mr. Howard did not give his clothes to Tom; but Tom borrowed them.
  8. Tom didn’t borrow his father’s oldest clothes. He borrowed his new ones.
  9. Tom did not want his father’s trousers to fall down: he wanted
    them to . . .
    C. Choose the right sentence for each picture. Write it down.
  10. a. Joe is as tall as his father.
    b. Joe is less tall than his father.
    c. Joe is taller than his father.

b is right

  1. a. Tom is going upstairs.
    b. Tom is coming upstairs.
    c. Tom is coming downstairs.

a is right

  1. a. Tom is wearing a belt.
    b. Tom isn’t wearing a belt.
    c. Tom’s belt has broken

c is right