My hero

My hero is an Armenian soldier, who fights for us day and night. We have lost a lot of soldiers because of the war, it’s not easy being a soldier, whenever we go to school, play, have fun, laugh, soldiers are fighting for our country Whenever we get a little cut on our finger, we start panicking, but when our soldiers get hurt, have a big scare on their body’s they don’t react they continue fighting just for us to keep us safe. They risk their own life only for us.

Also, my mom is my hero too. She is very important in my life. Her name is Nayiri. She is very kind and helpful. I love spending time with her, whenever I see her sad, I try to cheer her up by doing funny things to make her smile. when I see my mom smile, I smile too. I discuss everything with her, share my secrets will do anything to become like my mom when I’m older, as she is my hero

Թողնել պատասխան

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